A good night’s sleep tips


I don’t know about you but I’m one to ramp up later at night and sometimes it’s a good thing when I’m on a roll to complete a project and I actually get it done, but then there are those nights where I just can’t shut the mind off and my body is a twitchin and the daily aches remind me that I have to do something in order to key down for a good nights sleep.

So when this happens here a couple of tips that may help you as well:

1.  I love, love, love Yoga and even a couple of simple poses can help relax the body.  I read an article in lifestyle magazine back in March 2013 and they had this wonderful three pose routine that I do from time to time on the floor or in bed.   1. Legs up the wall where you can either lay on the floor with your feet up against the wall and your arms stretched out or move those pillows back and put your feet on wall behind your bed – that is if you have a thin headboard or none at all.  2.  Reclining Twist  where you lie on your back pull your knees into your chest, then slowly straighten your left leg and lower your right knee to the bed on your left side, your pelvis will be yoga child poseperpendicular to the mattress.  Make any adjustments to your upper body position so that you are in straight line from head to left foot.  Now lower your right shoulder to the bed or as close as you are able.   Breathe and hold as long as you are comfortable – now repeat on the other side.  3.  Child’s pose is a good one and you can either have your legs together or slightly parted with your hands at your sides or stretched out in front of you and just take a couple deep breaths and quiet the mind.

2.  Herbal tea non-caffeinated which comes in so many flavors  and I still like Sleepytime.   Sit back and take 5 minutes for yourself to savor the flavor.  You deserve it.  Now if you are my younger sister she is a tea connoisseur and I’m sure there a many more lovely teas out there to be sipped to help in relaxing us.

3.    Did you know having an acidic body will add to a restless night’s sleep?  A healthy body should be around 7.0 – 7.2 pH level and you can find this out by going to the health food store or a drug store and look for pH strips.

4.  Your bedroom is a place for sleeping and lovemaking.   Keep the electronics out of this area.   I have friends who go to sleep with the TV on and wonder why they don’t get as much sleep in the last couple of years (duh the new TV has entered the room along with the electrical disputers).   We have one alarm clock on my husband’s side and that’s it.  No cell phones, no TV’s, plus the less “white noise” that electronics give off the better.   This room should be dark, cool and comfortable.  If your room is a storage place for your kid’s toys during the day, then remove them at night.  This is your sanctuary and haven for a good night’s sleep.  Clutter in your room means clutter in your mind.  Too many clothes?  Think about donating and regifting some items once a quarter or at least once a year.   Move that energy and you’ll be amazed what happens to you.  Did you know people tend to put on weight due to of lack of sleep – yikes!

diffuser5.  Diffusing – we constantly have a diffuser with essential oils on in one or more rooms of the house plus earlier in the evening we have one in our bedroom that fills the room with aroma’s that help relax our minds prior to sleeping like Cedarwood or Lavender and the options are endless.   Be good to your brain, lungs and body by switching to a natural choice like pure grade essential oils.

6.  Work out during the day or early evening but make sure you have a window of 2-3 hours prior to bedtime so you body has a chance to keydown.  You’ll feel good in the process.   Don’t feel like going to a gym – what about YouTube video workouts or maybe you have some videos that need to be dusted off and you start slow and easy with the intention of being consistent.  Small incremental steps add up to a BIG change over time.   Now repeat after me “I AM WORTH IT” and you are.   I believe in you and you can do this it.

7.  Breathe.   Yep that’s it.  We are such chest breathers, so are your shoulders up around your ears from stress, maybe a little chilled, or uptight.  Take 3 – 4 deep breaths into the belly – yep – just let that belly fill up with air.   Roll those shoulders and relax them.   They say the difference between FEAR (false expectations appearing real) and excitement is our breath.   Go deep my friend – go deep.   Did you know that Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil gets into the lower lobes of our lungs?

sweet dreams


Okay – now off to bed and may you have a wonderful night’s rest.