Root vegetables and our brain health.

Did you know root vegetables and squash add vitamin c, beta-carotene and high quality carbohydrates to our winter month meals?   Due to the daylight hours at a minimum for us northern hemisphere folks in the USA, like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and more – our serotonin levels are depleted in our brain.

Have no fear this chemical is replenished when our bodies break down high quality carbohydrates in vegetables like carrots, rutabagas (this has become one of my family’s favorite in crock pot dishes, roasts, eaten raw and smoothies) along with beets.   These vegetables also help keep us warm in these bitter cold months.

So next time you are in your local co-op or like minded grocery store, pick up a parsnip, sweet potato, turnip or whatever your favorite is and enjoy their flavor and benefits.  Maybe check out a new recipe using a new vegetable you want to get to know and have fun in the kitchen because your body will love you for it.

Here’s to trying new veggies!